The Douglas School district is working on a plan for the upcoming school year

Staff at the Douglas School District continues to discuss plans for the upcoming school...
Staff at the Douglas School District continues to discuss plans for the upcoming school year.(KOTA) (KOTA)
Published: Jun. 26, 2020 at 4:26 PM CDT
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School district employees have to make some tough decisions on how they should operate this upcoming school year.

When it comes to the Douglas School District, they added 25 minutes to each day for all of their students, and by doing this, it reduces the student calendar by nine days.

"So we want to include those additional 25 minutes so that if anytime let's say in January we had to close down we've already had almost a half-hour more of face to face contact per day, before we have to move to distance learning," says the assistant superintendent for the Douglas School District, Ann Pettit.

Students will return on August 31, while teachers head back to their classrooms on August 18 to receive nine professional development days.

"Those nine days are going to be used to basically learn remote platforms that we can use to deliver the content to the students if we have to. We're going to practice them with the students in the classroom. Walk them through and have a common platform through every building, and then if we do go remote, then the students are up on it, teachers are comfortable with it," says a teacher for Douglas High School, Sean Gholson.

When it comes to safety measures, Pettit says nothing has been decided yet, but they're talking through every option.

"So we're actually talking about different phases you know definitely following what local state and federal guidelines are and what they're recommending for precautions," says Pettit.

The Douglas school year will come to an end on May 19.

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