Cleaning up after the hail storm

 The impacts of the hail storm. (KOTA)
The impacts of the hail storm. (KOTA) (KOTA)
Published: Jun. 5, 2020 at 5:49 PM CDT
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Thursday night's hail storm impacted homes, cars, and outdoor furniture. And Friday has been clean-up day for many of those people.

"The wind was just terrible. I can see something coming from the north, and I started to head back into the house. About a minute after that, the hail started coming down and started off as pea-sized originally, and within a minute or two, we had up to tennis ball size hail coming down," says a resident in Spearfish, Chuck Morris.

Morris says three of the screens on his house are busted along with the windshield on his car, and he also has minor tree branch damage.

"No one ever gets used to hail. It's a hail of a thing to get used to hail," says Morris.

At Goodrich Motors, the manager says it was tragic.

"Being in Spearfish for 30 years, I've never seen hail like this in Spearfish," says the manager, Mark Goodrich.

Goodrich says at least 50% of the windshields on the property are broken.

"That doesn't include roof damage, and hood damage and side panel damage, and even some side windows were broken out," says Goodrich.

And the next step is for adjustors to check out the damage.

"Look over the inventory and then make a determination whether those vehicles are repairable or totaled out or what the next step would be," says Goodrich.

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