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Chiu-yi Lin joined KEVN Black Hills Fox News and KOTA Territory TV in October 2019; providing great depth as a seasoned multi-media journalist.

Before joining KOTA Territory and Black Hills FOX, Chiu-yi worked for three years as an investigative news reporter for two major cable news channels in Asia. She mainly wrote in-depth stories about crimes, political issues, and close-up profiles of inspiring people. She's interviewed renowned crime scene investigators (including Dr. Henry Lee's close connection), business giants (including an adventurous self-made man in Iraq, and a musician from NYC who went to court alongside with President Trump), celebrities, and politicians.

Aside from long-form feature stories, she also covered breaking news such as a fatal train wreck, earthquakes, election day and live vote count session. She also produced softer stories about pop culture and food/dining.

Prior to her broadcasting career, Chiu-yi worked as a teacher/education coordinator across America for many years. She's communicated with students and parents from various communities and has always been interested in talking with different people.

In her spare time, she would attempt gathering historical information so she can finally write a novel set in 19th century. She feels very honored that she has the opportunity to reside in Black Hills, as it is an area rich with cultures and history.

Feel free to reach out to her if you have any story ideas or comments; she's always interested in different thoughts!

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