Stephany Beshara

Executive Producer

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Stephany took on a massive challenge as soon as she joined KOTA Territory News as the executive producer in May 2014.

Stephany joined KOTA in 2014 tasked with launching the first ever live morning show on KOTA Territory. In the more than 60 years on the air, KOTA never had a live morning show.

Good Morning KOTA Territory launched in August 2014. The show quickly grew in popularity in the Black Hills.

Stephany brings more than 10 years of journalism experience to KOTA.

Stephany began her career in print, writing for a weekly county newspaper. She quickly learned her future was in broadcast journalism and because a daily assignment reporter.

It took a move to Salt Lake City and a job working as the morning producer for KSL (NBC) for Stephany to find a love for morning news.

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