Looking for the Hottest Holiday Toys 2022?

The Top Toys List features the top toys for the season
Published: Nov. 25, 2022 at 10:14 AM CST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - For many of us, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to break out Christmas carols but beneath the holiday cheer, some families are feeling the pinch. Especially those parents of small children, as they hustle and bustle through the stores searching for the hottest holiday toys.

According to The Toy Guy Chris Byrne, gift giving is great but the holidays are about coming together. “You know its not really about all the presents at the end of the day its about the family experience and being together and toys are a nice addition to it.”

However, Somer Kingsbury from Who’s Toy House adds that when you do buy gifts think about your child’s interests. “Sometimes its more important that you focus on getting the item that fits your child’s needs and wants.”

Between work, holiday parties, cooking, baking and school activities, it seems like there’s no time left to really enjoy the holiday, don’t fret, to make life a little easier we checked in with The Toy Guy to find out what this year’s top toys are.

Byrne suggestions for all ages begin with, “the Leggo Friends Mainstreet Building of the Leggo group, a beautiful city scape here, 3 buildings that you can customize and put together, a salon, store, all kinds of great stuff.” Another toy that tops Byrne’s list is “Lucky Lab has created Pinksy which another construction system accredited toys, its just beautiful.” For those of us with little ones, dollbabies are always popular but new on the market are the expression babies says Byrne. “Crybabies 1st emotions from 1st Toys, shes got 56/no 65 different emotions expressions if she cuts up or cries, you can put her pacifier in her mouth and she’ll be calmed right down while she sucks on her pacifier at $59.99 from AMC.”

If you are looking for Pepa the Pig toys, Byrne says retailers will have these items available along with Fisher Price Thomas and Friends Launch and Loopers, Collectibles by Disney Kingdom. “One other to mention Squish Mellos from Jazzwares really hard to find when it gets into stores people are snapping them up so so popular,” said Byrne.

But not all gifts are found at the big box stores. Who’s Toy House offers special discounts for the season that kick off this weekend.

“Shop Small Saturday right after Thanksgiving and free gift wrapping year round as a show of appreciation to our customers,” said Kingsbury.