Deadwood hosts annual three wheeler rally

Published: Jul. 13, 2022 at 6:06 PM CDT
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DEADWOOD, S.D. (KOTA) -Three wheelers, or trikes as they are known in the motorcycle world, allow people who can’t ride a two-wheel bike to have a level of stability without giving up the freedom of riding.

“I ride a trike because I have MS and it keeps me stable instead of on a motorcycle where you have to lean down into the curves and stuff like that. It’s just more stable for me so I can keep riding,” said Nancy Bigelow, a trike owner who participated in the rally.

Riding a trike also adds a level of safety that cannot be seen with a motorcycle. In addition, some trikes offer comfortability that is unheard of on a bike.

“These are bigger machines and more visible than a two wheel in some ways. I almost got hit several times on a two wheel. I never been hit on one of these,” said David Harding, another trike owner who participated in the rally.

“It’s comfortable, I mean it’s got bucket seats, heated seats, cruise control, I don’t have to worry about my back hurting. Sitting up on a trike there great but it’s still like sitting up on a motorcycle,” said Trish Sill, a trike owner who participated in the rally.

Trike owners from all over arrive in Deadwood every July to show off their bikes. And Wednesday’s Show N Shine allows people to show off their bikes in the middle of historic Main Street.

Awards were given for various categories. The rally ends Friday.

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