Medical marijuana close to hitting the shelves at dispensaries

Marijuana(Ed Pearce)
Published: Jul. 10, 2022 at 6:03 PM CDT
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BOX ELDER, S.D. (KOTA) - Medical marijuana licenses have been distributed, cities have put in place rules and stores are popping up in communities around the area. But what’s missing? The actual marijuana THC products, but that could be ending very soon.

For months stores and plans have been announced, but no THC products are on the shelves. The state’s medical cannabis website says as of July 5 there are over 1,300 approved patient cards in South Dakota. Emmett Reistriffer of Genesis Farms says it takes time for an operational store.

“I think dispensaries can open when they best see fit, but what they’re going to need is inventory and that’s going to come from the growers and after we get our licenses, we have to go through building permits, engineering, construction, equipment ordering, and installation and it’s a number of things. In other states, I’ve seen it on average takes about 18 to 24 months, but right now in South Dakota Genesis Farms is setting a record within nine months after getting our licenses,” said Reistriffer.

So, you can see actual goods in stores by the end of this year at Genesis Farms. “Genesis Farms was the first fully licensed, vertically integrated cannabis company in the state of South Dakota, and we received our cultivation and manufacturing licenses in Box Elder in March and since then we have been moving as fast as possible,” explained Reistriffer.

Vertical integration is when the company has complete access over its supply chain. Genesis Farms has cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary licenses. And Reistriffer got into the business in other states but came back to South Dakota to help others that need it, but also advocated for the legalization for safety issues as well.

“It’s a product that should be packaged and labeled and consistent and you should know where it came from.”

That’s for the currently registered patients, which Reistriffer says he expects to be at 5,000 by the time that Genisis Farms opens. “When the state gets to 20,000 patients is when we will really have a successful cannabis program and every dispensary can open across the state”

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