Best Kept Secret: creating an affordable option for toys

Published: Jun. 10, 2022 at 11:42 AM CDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - Kids can be quite fickle when it comes to the toys, one day the love it, the next day, it’s hidden behind the couch. So, what’s a parent to do? “Best Kept Secret” cracked the code.

“So the easiest way to explain it is kind of like Netflix before the streaming,” says owner of Best Kept Secret, BreAnna Drysdale. “So, people will pay one affordable fee every month and then they get to check out three items as long as they want, so there are no fees, no time limits.”

Some call it a hidden gem, but she calls it the Best Kept Secret.

As a parent, Drysdale decided to homeschool her kids because of the pandemic and noticed an issue with all the toys and learning activities she had gained, “But it really adds up and also the space to store it all kind of just takes away a lot of room.”

“And sometimes as parents we buy a toy and were like ‘Oh my kids going to love this!’ and then they don’t. Then you’re like, well I just spent all the money.”

A question she gets asked all the time, how does it help working parents? “It is really, really useful for homeschool families, but it really is for everyone, especially now in the summer. A lot of kids are at home, maybe their parents don’t want them playing with video games all day and some days are really hot, so there’s other ways to entertain kids.”

As a mom, she knew how helpful it would be for other parents, but what she enjoys most is seeing how the kids enjoy trying their new toys. “The other day some kids left, and they were just skipping and getting so excited headed down the hall with their new items, that it just made me happy. Because a lot of the time I don’t get to see the kids playing with the items themselves but seeing them joyful as they leave is really fun.”

And since it’s a subscription, she has the chance to get to see those gleeful faces again. “Yes, it does. I know it’s like another subscription, which I know everybody has, but this one I feel like is really valuable.”

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