Governor Kristi Noem brings Corey Lewandowski back on

Noem is once again working with the former Trump campaign manager, after having supposedly cut ties with Lewandowski last September. Lewandowski was accused of sexual misconduct at a Las Vegas political function, allegations which he has denied took place.
Published: May. 27, 2022 at 7:27 AM CDT
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PIERRE, S.D. - In September, Governor Kristi Noem supposedly broke ties with controversial political advisor Corey Lewandowski. Lewandowski faced allegations that he sexually harassed a woman at a political event in Las Vegas, which Noem was present for.

Now, according to reporting by Politico, Lewandowski is back working with Noem.

“He (Lewandowski) has resumed ties with Governor Noem, they were seen together at the Republican Governors Association meeting in Nashville this week,” said Politico reporter Daniel Lippman.

Lippman also reported that the two had been seen at a political function in California recently. Lippman’s sources told him that Lewandowski had been functioning in an advisor capacity to Noem at these political functions.

Beyond California and Tennessee, the two had been spotted together in a number of other states over the last several weeks, including Texas, Nebraska, and Washington.

“It is kind of interesting how they have resumed their ties, after Noem spokesperson Ian Fury said in late September they had cut ties because of the sexual misconduct allegation against Lewandowski in Las Vegas,” Lippman said.

It wasn’t the first time that Lewandowski had faced allegations of mistreating women. In 2016, the former Trump campaign manager briefly faced battery charges for yanking a journalist down at a Trump campaign event. That charge would eventually be dropped.

In 2017, Lewandowski was accused of touching a female Trump surrogate inappropriately.

Noem also vehemently denied allegations of an affair with Lewandowski last September.

Political analysts say Lewandowski, who remains close with many in former President Trump’s orbit, has helped open doors for Noem on the national stage.

“I think Lewandowski, by having been the campaign manager around the 2016 election, certainly knows the characters that are in Trump world,” said former University of South Dakota Political Science professor Michael Card. “I think that is likely what Governor Noem is trying to capitalize on by having him around.”

Neither Noem’s campaign nor office responded to a request for comment on the matter. Noem is scheduled to speak at the national NRA conference in Houston on Friday.

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