US Census Bureau calls Rapid City “fastest growing city in the Midwest”

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Published: Apr. 5, 2022 at 6:48 PM CDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - Rapid City is in the upper 8-percent of fastest growing cities in all of the nation, and the fastest in the Midwest. That’s according to the US Census Bureau.

From 2020 to 2021, Rapid city grew by nearly two percent or triple the national average. That works out to be about 10-people coming to the area per day.

The increased interest in the Hills is something Tom Johnson, President & CEO of Elevate Rapid City, attributes to higher real estate prices which may continue to climb as the introduction of the B-21 bomber to Ellsworth Air Force base nears.

“It’s very likely you’re going to see 30 to 40 thousand people come to the area in the next 10 years,” Johnson says. “Which is a pretty significant chunk of growth.”

He says that means things like housing and infrastructure need to be on the frontlines of thought, while keeping the preservation of Rapid City’s way of life in mind, “and making sure that we’re pedestrian friendly, bike friendly, dog friendly, coffee shop friendly.”

Coffee shops like Pure Bean Coffeeshop owned by Nick Reid, who says “we have a number of people who have come in here, who see the coffee shop, get the coffee and who talk to us and say, ‘OK, I can move here now.’”

“If you can shop local,” adds Johnson, “do it. Because, the more times you shop local, the more money that goes into the economy. It’s good for everybody.”

Avery Craven, Pure Bean Coffeehouse’s Location Manager, explains that “we also, like, make everything ourselves. It feels very grounding and very wholesome.”

Much like how people are pouring into the city, coffee, too, is steamrolling into popular culture, and is “one of the things that people,” Reid says, “particularly from any cities, want to see in a town that they’re moving to.”

“Oh,” Craven exclaimed,” it’s absolutely for everyone! It’s something to kick you out of bed in the morning.”

Rapid City used to house significantly more retirees than those who are younger, but now it’s become a place for everyone. A line easily traversable for coffee, “and it’s centered around one thing that does so many different things,” Craven explained.

Where anyone and everyone can like it for two reasons, the mid-day kick, and usually warm and flavorful ride down the gullet.

“I think it’s very convenient,” Craven laughed.

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