Young at heart 99-year old woman checks skiing off her bucket list

Published: Jan. 26, 2022 at 7:05 PM CST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - A 99 year old woman, who is young at heart, is hitting the slopes for the very first time.

She’s had disabilities her whole life preventing her from doing so, but an organization called Ski for Light is making her dreams within reach.

Edyth, 99-years-old, has her family helping prepare for something special.

“She turns 100 in March,” says Austin Pearce, Edyth’s Grandson, “and she has a bucket list.”

She’s been waiting a long time to check one thing off.

“100 years,” Edyth says, and it’s an important one. “Top of the list.”

“She’s been limited with physical disabilities her whole life,” Pearce adds, “so this isn’t something she’s been able to do.”

Ski for Light says otherwise.

“99,” says Tim Brumbaugh, Board of Directors with Black Hills Ski for Light, “that’s way up there, and hopefully that’s going to help other people who think, ‘I can’t do this stuff,’ to think more about what they can do.”

“I wish I had some sunglasses on,” says Edyth as her family puts some googles on her face.

Edyth’s just about ready to go, “I’m sitting crooked,” she says. But, after just a bit of rearranging, it’s time to hit the slopes.

“Bye,” yells Edyth as she makes her way to the chairlift!

Sitting on the chairlift, Edyth realized she’s doing something she, and some of her passed family members, never thought was possible.

“She’s watching from up above,” says Brumbaugh, I’m sure.”

“Yes,” Edyth responds. “She is.”

Just like that, 100 years of anticipation is over.

“Here we go,” yells Brumbaugh!

“Okay,” Edyth yells back!

“It did turn to emotional fear,” says Pearce, “of oh my gosh, what could happen out here.”

But, Edyth took turn after turn with grace.

“Oh, my god. This is unbelievable,” says Edyth making her way down the slope.

She eventually cruised her way down the run and had one thing to say straight away.

“Is it that bumpy all the way,” asks Edyth? “I thought skiing was smooth!”

“You want to do another one,” Brumbaugh asks?

“Well,” Edyth says with energy, “absolutely!”

The bumps, it would seem, were just slight setbacks.

“It has been bumpy,” Edyth explains, “but that’s okay.”

What made Edyth want to ski in the first place was simple, “it just looked like fun.”

One run turned into two.

“I’ll go a third time.”

Three, however, was enough for this near century old, but at heart, young lady.

“I got other things to do,” Edyth says.

Check skiing off the bucket list.

“This was wonderful,” Edyth says smiling. “I think everybody should do it. Even though it’s real bumpy.”

Ski for Light is looking for volunteers to help others achieve their dreams.

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