Local Business Owner Donates Her Store To a Good Cause

Published: Dec. 15, 2021 at 8:52 PM CST
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One local business owner in Rapid City has decided to donate her shop to a good cause.

After 45-years of business, the owner of Second Time Around Consignment shop has decided it’s time to retire.

But instead of selling her business, she’s deciding to donate the store and everything in it, to Treasured lives.

An advocacy group supporting and providing crisis care to victims of Sex Trafficking.

And after 4 generations, the owner says, giving her store to a good cause makes it easier to say goodbye.

Roberta Hamlet, Owner, Second Time Around: “We’re just going to be saying goodbye to wonderful consigners through the year and our customers. I mean we started almost serving 4 generations now with the 45 years... So many of our customers and consigners have become family. And, like I said it just kinda warms my heart that it’s going to be such a great organization so it makes leaving easier.”

The Founder and Executive Director of Treasured Lives says they are truly overwhelmed by the generosity of this donation. And says it will allow them to fulfill their mission and serve more survivors.

Kelly Patterson, Founder and Executive Director, Treasured Lives: “Oh we’re so excited about this store, there are so many things about this that will help us. For one, we get first dibs on clothing for those survivors. So that right there is phenomenal. And then also the income that we can derive from this can go to help us on a daily basis with these needs.”

Second Time Around will remain open throughout the end of the year and transition to their new name, Second TIme Treasured, at the beginning of the year.

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