Georgia voters once again set to be in the national political spotlight

Experts expect the dollars and attention to flow into Georgia leading up to the gubernatorial race next year.
Published: Dec. 9, 2021 at 1:05 PM CST
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Stacey Abrams wants another shot at running Georgia. In 2018, she lost the statewide gubernatorial election to Governor Brian Kemp by more than 50,000 votes.

Former Georgia Senator David Perdue is challenging Kemp with former President Donald Trump’s encouragement.

The race for Georgia’s next governor is underway and it’s already getting plenty of national attention, and national political operatives and experts say Georgians should expect that to continue.

Wendi Wallace, the Deputy Executive Director of the Democratic Governors Association said, “I think there will be a lot of activity. I think Georgians can prepare for that.”

Wallace, said despite Abrams’ loss in 2018, a Republican Glenn Younkin winning the Virginia gubernatorial race this year, and an incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy just hanging on in New Jersey — the 2020 wins in Georgia by President Joe Biden and Senators Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff better shows where the state is at.

Wallace said, “Georgia is not Virginia, it’s not New Jersey. Georgians have been charting their own path for years now. And we respect that and are going to approach this race as such.”

The Republican Governors Association turned down our request for an interview, but a spokesperson Maddie Anderson criticized Abrams in a statement while defending Governor Kemp.

Anderson said, “The RGA looks forward to ensuring Abrams is once again soundly defeated.”

When the RGA was asked about Perdue attempting to primary Kemp, Anderson pointed to comments Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, the RGA Chairman, made to Politico.

Ducey told Politico, “The RGA follows the 11th Commandment. We do not speak ill of another Republican. We believe that our incumbents across the country deserve reelection.”

Georgetown University political science professor Mark Rom expects the Georgia gubernatorial race to capture the national political spotlight.

Rom said, “This is really the most fascinating political race in the country next year because it has three distinct visions of what our country can be and who should win.”

Rom said he expects lots of money and attention to flow into Georgia from the three separate political camps. He also offered his take on who he thinks voters may choose.

Rom said, “I think Kemp can beat Perdue. I think Purdue would beat Abrams, and I think Abrams will beat Kemp.”

He also said Perdue’s campaign is a test for how much influence former President Trump still has, and how Trump may fare should he run again in 2024.

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