American Legion Post 8 Cabin Rededicated in Pierre

The American Legion Post 8 Lodge in Pierre, South Dakota has served the surrounding community...
The American Legion Post 8 Lodge in Pierre, South Dakota has served the surrounding community since 1942.(Austin Goss DNN/KOTA)
Published: Nov. 12, 2021 at 2:57 PM CST
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PIERRE, S.D. - American Legions serve as a rallying point for veterans in communities across the country.

Post 8 in Pierre is no different. However, the log cabin that has served the area since 1942 was in need of major restoration work.

“Time and weather have taken their toll on our cabin,” said Ted Spencer, Pierre Post 8 Building Restoration Chair. Spencer also works for the South Dakota State Historic Preservation Office. “Several floods (most notable among them being the 2011 flood) as well as harsh winters, and eighty years of minimal maintenance on the exterior resulted in wood rot, missing, chinking and cracks between the logs, as well as foundational issues.”

Alongside $130,000 in private fundraising, leadership from the Post applied for a “Deadwood Grant” through the state. Voted into existence 32 years ago at the same time as gambling, Deadwood Grants come from the revenue made off gambling in the city who’s name they bare.

The cabin received $10,000 in Deadwood grants to go towards the repairs necessary to restore the building to its former glory.

“Through the Deadwood Historic Preservation commission we administer the outside of Deadwood Grant program for non-profits and local governments to restore historic resources listed on or eligible for the national registry,” said Kevin Kuchenbecker, Deadwood Historic Preservation Officer.

Thursday, local veterans gathered once again to meet in the lodge, to see the efforts of their fundraising come to fruition.

“Being a part of this rededication and helping restore this resource, it meant a lot to me personally, and the service and personal sacrifices that our veterans have made for America, South Dakota, for Pierre and Deadwood, all across the state, this is a special project,” said Kuchenbecker.

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