The Pennywise newspaper is filled with helpful, money-saving tips

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Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 3:21 PM CDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - It’s Pennywise time, Paula Vogelgesang shares some helpful hacks shared with her via the Pennywise paper.

Stinky Shoes: “A reader wrote that her son (high school age) plays sports and when he takes off his shoes, the smell is ‘gross/awful’. A friend told her to take an old pair of socks, ones with no holes in them, then take some new cat litter and put it in the foot part of the sock, not too much, put a rubber band around the end to hold the stuff in the sock, and then stick it in the ‘stinky’ shoe. Be sure to make 2 of them (one for each shoe) and leave them overnight. I tried this with my own boys and it does work, the cat litter absorbs the ‘stink’ and because it’s in a sock, there is nothing in the shoe when you pull out the ‘stink remover’!”

Food Saver: “A reader writes, ‘Save those gallon plastic milk jugs, wash them well and put them in your freezer, if you need ice for a cooler full of drinks, this is great as you will not have water dripping off of the can or bottle when you take it out of the cooler. I also freeze a lot of these in the fall of the year because this is when we get our meat for winter. If/when the electricity goes off, I don’t have to worry about a whole freezer of food thawing out for a few days and it is a good source of fresh drinking water as well. It’s a lot cheaper than buying blocks and bags of ice in a store.”

Gum Remover: “A reader left a message, but didn’t leave a name. She said that “GUM” can be removed from hair with peanut butter!! Just work it through the hair and the gum breaks up, a quick shampoo and all is well!! Wish I had known this years ago. Somebody always seems to think it’s ‘smart & cool’ to smush gum in some girl’s hair and make a huge mess!!!”

Mineral Deposit Removal: “Our well is full of ‘white stuff’ aka mineral deposit and it gets on the sink faucets and on shower walls as well. A reader wrote that all I needed to do was wrap a rag soaked in PEROXIDE, let it soak a while, and then scrub it clean!! It works!! I sometimes have to use a piece of steel wool to get the last bits off, but it does come off. I’ve even used this on the shower walls, using a plastic scrubber and it does work!!”

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