Spearfish Canyon has been hit by mother nature who says, “It’s fall!”

Spearfish Canyon has been hit by mother nature who says, “It’s fall!”
Published: Sep. 28, 2021 at 6:58 PM CDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) -It’s that time of year again where mother nature is letting us know that it’s time for a change. There’s no better indicator than Spearfish Canyon whose leaves will tell you fall is in full swing.

A biker at the Canyon, Renee Brand from Rapid City, says, “Oh, it’s just a beautiful place and we’ve [her husband Doug] biked through here a lot, and we know that this time of the year is the best time to come, and it’s just really something to see the colors.”

She says the color are “mostly yellows, mhm.”

Just about every shade you could imagine. There’s a kind of romance to it - the breeze, the colors. In fact, this very air of romance is what lured the Brand’s to the canyon in the first place.

“It’s actually our 25th anniversary and we thought this would be a great trip,” says Renee.

Especially with the current state of the weather, where her husband Doug adds, “this is pretty much ideal. Usually temperatures are nice and the colors are great.”

People were out driving, hiking, and in the Brand’s case, biking through the canyon.

“I was just telling my husband that it’s just so different riding a bicycle or being on a motorcycle than it is in a car,” says Renee, “because you just experience so much more. You’re going slower. So, you just get to take it in - smell the smells and see a lot more.”

Doug was a man of few words, but it was quick to notice his love and admiration for his wife of 25 years who introduced him to biking. He says, “Once I met Renee, got me started.”

The pair cruises through the Canyon often, but say autumn is among their favorite times to do so. Especially since it conveniently falls on their anniversary.

“It’s just beautiful all year round,” says Renee.

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