Rapid City’s only steampunk bar is working on several expansions

Published: May. 6, 2021 at 3:05 PM CDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) The Iron PHIX opened in January as Rapid City’s only steampunk bar.

Steampunk really is just a clash between industrial and Victorian. The coming together and making different object and things like that,” said owner Rob Heckel.

The wine and beer serving venue has some big plans for the summer including a 3,000 square foot expansion and a liquor license.

But first comes more music and Thursday morning at Rapid City’s planning and zoning meeting, the venue was approved to host outdoor concerts.

Heckel says the Iron PHIX already plays live music, but the ability to play outside and the expansion will draw bigger crowds and continue to be an outlet for artists to perform…something Heckel is proud to provide to the community.

“So right now, we’ve been having live music every weekend and it attracts a bigger crowd, but it also gives a platform for artists all over the area a place to get up and play in front of people. You know, with COVID that went on the last year, year and a half, people were shut down, things were closed, artists were not able to perform or play or do anything. Were just giving them an area to do that,” said Heckel.

Heckel believes this a win, win situation for the artists and community. But it’s more than just live music bringing in the crowds. Anything from burlesque shows to fire shows are performed at the venue.

In addition to the expansion, Heckel says the Iron PHIX will be opening a second location.

“We’ve secured a downtown location in Spearfish and we’ll be doing one of these there as well.” Heckel looks forward to offering more opportunities for local artists.

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