Calling all lifeguards, Rapid City needs you

Published: Apr. 8, 2021 at 7:32 PM CDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - In February, Rapid City started making a push to get their seasonal positions filled.

This year, it’s been difficult to find people for many positions, especially lifeguards.

The city used to see far more applications, but over the past few years they’ve been dwindling.

Currently, there are upwards to three hundred vacancies.

Among them, are a quite the handful of lifeguarding positions.

If the spots aren’t occupied in the next coming weeks, here may be changes to hours of city parks, pools and recreational facilities, or, at worst, they’ll close due of the lack of workforce.

Rapid City’s Communications Coordinator, Darrell Shoemaker, is hoping some eager individuals save the day.

”We have 40 vacant positions just in lifeguards. We’ve never had that situation this close to the summer season opening up. So, a real challenge there. What happens if we don’t fill those positions,” asks Shoemaker. “What happens is we might have to make that decision. Again, I underscore the word may, have to make the decision to adjust our hours.”

There’s a land of opportunity out there to work for the City this summer, and lifeguards can range a whole spectrum of ages.

”They can be as young as age 14. They can be up in their 90′s. We actually have a 91 year old worker who’s actually going to be coming back. From the middle teens all the way up into the 90′s, we can find a job for them,” Shoemaker said with a smile.

The city started making the rounds early, and is hoping that things will operate on schedule.

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