Schroeder Fire evacuated families return home

Published: Apr. 2, 2021 at 7:33 PM CDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - Today, evacuated residents from the Schroeder Fire return to their homes.

The fire dangerously moved through Rapid City and evacuated residents of Cleghorn Canyon Road.

The police officer guarding the road mentioned it wasn’t a through street, meaning occupants in the area tend to lead a private kind of lifestyle.

Scott Englert, who was evacuated because of the fire, and his daughter, Brittany Flynn, who took him in during the time he was away from home, love the Cleghorn Canyon area.

”He’s loved Cleghorn Canyon since he was a little boy,” says Flynn.

“The only place I ever wanted to live was Cleghorn Canyon,” says Englert. “I finally got that two years ago when I moved here. I’ve just been working on the place, working on it and working on it. It was terrible to have something taken from you like that.”

Emergency crews used controlled burns up to residents fences to keep the fires away from homes.

The people returning home are grateful to be doing so safe and sound.

”Thank you to the firefighters and police and everybody,” Flynn says with a smile.

“Yeah, thank you to the firefighters and police. Thanks, you guys did an awesome job,” Englert says with gratitude, because his home is safe.

Residents continue to move back into their homes, but the roads remain blocked off to anyone but occupants.

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