Rapid City WWII Veteran celebrates 101 birthday

Published: Mar. 31, 2021 at 7:05 PM CDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - March 31 is just the end of the month for most, sure.

Also, it’s a very special day for Technical Sergeant Morry Crow, the Rapid City World War II Veteran’s 101st birthday.

Friends and family asked the public to send in cards in hopes to tally one hundred in light of Crow’s birthday. Instead, they received countless, and far more than the Veteran was ready for.

“It’s absolutely out of this world. If I had my personal way, it would smaller,” says Sergeant Crow, “and use the money for something else!”

After one hundred and one years of time, Sergeant Crow still recalls what memories remain from the war and those he served with.

“Well, all of them [memories] actually. Not choice ones or anything. I live it all the time, and you kind of go up and through it, just like a moving picture [movie] actually. I learned from my comrade’s experiences and I decided, and I knew that, everybody dies sooner or late. I lived my life as well as I could, you know.”

The lasting effects of the memories linger on for the Technical Sergeant.

“I can’t sleep right. I’m screwed up,” says the Technical Sergeant.

Due to his accomplishments in combat, like flying in 25 missions that included an aerial victory, 5 air medals and a Purple Heart, naming a few. The Mayor of Rapid City, Steve Allender, has named March 31st 2021 Morry Crow Day.

One can’t help but wonder, what is it that keeps Sergeant Crow going?

“Well, for some reason or other, I lean towards the soda fountains,” Technical Sergeant Morry Crow says laughing.

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