Deadwood sports gambling this September, bet on it

Sports betting
Sports betting
Published: Mar. 11, 2021 at 7:04 PM CST
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Football, basketball, baseball and soccer... sports are a huge part of American culture.

Deadwood has had its sights set on legalizing sports wagering since 2018.

After nearly three years, and a valiant fight through legislature, it sits on the Governors desk awaiting a final signature.

Mike Rodman, Executive Director of the Deadwood Gaming Association, has been a part of this story since the beginning.

“Sports wagering is popular here in South Dakota and I think that people, very much, want to bet in a legal, safe and regulated environment. We started right away working on it, and we’ve had a few hiccups along the way,” says Rodman. “We’re finally getting very close.”

The major points of the bill are already in place. The next step is for the Deadwood Gaming Committee to roll the dice on the remaining rules and regulations.

Once finished, they’ll be sent to the Legislative Interim Rules Committee for approval.

“We will have people coming, and they will be able to go to their favorite gaming property,” says Rodman, who is optimistic about the attention the betting will bring. “They’ll be able to place their wager on their favorite sporting event.”

Hotels and casinos are already placing their bets on sports wagering.

Renovation and expansion will introduce a comfortable face-to-face experience.

Caleb Arceneaux, the CEO of Liv Hospitality that owns hotels and casinos in Deadwood, is excited to make changes to accommodate the new system.

“We’re going to build out a sports wagering room, a sports book room, at Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort. It’s going to feature all of the latest and greatest audio [and] visual odds boards, and have hot food and beverage service in there,” says Arceneaux. “So, it’ll kind of be that Las Vegas style experience.”

If everything goes to plan, Deadwood will officially launch sports betting by September.

“We’re moving forward, but it’ll be a little while before we’ll be able to take our first sports wagers here in Deadwood”, says Rodman.

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