Make Sunday’s DIY Diffuser

Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 9:08 AM CST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - Almost all of the DIY recipes I’ve had on the show involve essential oils, and I wanted to show you how to make your very own essential oil diffuser.

More and more people are suffering from headaches during the pandemic due to stress, which is why I created a Headache Relief blend to diffuse.

This is a homemade reed essential oil diffuser that’s easy to make and much cheaper than buying one.

What you need:

5-10 reed or bamboo sticks, 1 tbsp rubbing alcohol, 1/4 cup carrier oil, a small glass container with a narrow neck, a funnel, and 20-35 drops of essential oil or a blend of oils.


1. Using the funnel, add 1 tbsp of rubbing alcohol to the glass container.

2. Add 1/4 cup carrier oil, I chose coconut oil.

3. Pour in your blend of essential oils, my Headache Relief blend has 24 drops total including 9 drops of peppermint, 6 drops of lavender, 6 drops of eucalyptus, and 3 drops of rosemary.

4. Insert the sticks for 1 to 2 hours to allow them to soak up the blend, then flip the sticks upside down.

You’ll immediately notice the aroma once you flip the sticks but if the scent begins to fade, I’d suggest flipping them every week or so to maintain the diffusion.

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