Federal property mask mandate: Rapid City residents respond

“100 day mask mandate challenge”
Published: Jan. 25, 2021 at 6:30 PM CST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - After only a few hours in the office, President Joe Biden made good on his promise to mandate masks and social distancing on federal property.

On Inauguration Day, President Biden signed an executive order protecting the federal workforce and requiring mask-wearing.

This past Friday he took it one step further signing an executive order requiring masks to be worn in airports, and on airplanes, and trains.

With more people heading to the Mount Rushmore state, many to escape what they call “harsh regulations” the president’s executive orders are met with mixed responses.

Rapid City resident Jon Pokras is against any mask mandate " These masks are what’s causing the problem, there weakening people’s immune system, these masks are horrible”. Pokras believes masks are not the answer to keeping COVID-19 away.

Glenn Yelloweagle, another resident of Rapid says, everyone should wear masks to protect loved-ones.

“The presidents on the right track and our city governments need to in public places, we need to require it, I see a lot of places saying it required yet they don’t follow it,” Yelloweagle said.

Tourism is a huge part of the Mount Rushmore state, Mayor Steve Allender believes it will not impact the travel industry.

“I think that people are ready to get out and see the country and Mount Rushmore is a very popular spot so I doubt people will cancel their trip because of a federal mask mandate,” Allender said.

More than a dozen executive orders have already been signed by President Joe Biden.

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