Puppy missing after stolen at gunpoint from Denver couple

Published: Sep. 23, 2020 at 4:37 AM CDT
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DENVER (KMGH) - A couple in Denver is asking for the public’s help to find their Dachshund puppy, who was allegedly stolen at gunpoint by a group of teenagers.

Shawn Rozinski and his girlfriend say their nearly 3-month-old mini Dachshund, Loki, was the perfect addition to their family with his lovable and high energy nature. But on Thursday night, Rozinski says a group of teens stole Loki at gunpoint.

Rozinski says he and his girlfriend were walking with Loki in Nettie Moore Park in Denver when the teens asked if they could take pictures with the puppy. The couple agreed, but one of the teens pulled a gun and took off with the dog.

Loki, a nearly 3-month-old mini Dachshund, is missing after his owners say a group of teens...
Loki, a nearly 3-month-old mini Dachshund, is missing after his owners say a group of teens stole him at gunpoint from a Denver park.(Source: Family photos, KMGH via CNN)

“I was like, ‘Is this real?’ Then, when I looked down the barrel, I could see the bullet,” Rozinski said.

The threat didn’t stop Rozinksi from fighting for Loki.

“I started to try to get in the car, like try to open the car or open the car door, reach in and grab him. The kid just kept smacking, like swinging the gun and was like ‘Don’t,’” Rozinski said.

Police have identified two male teens allegedly involved in the crime, but Loki is still missing.

Rozinski had plans to train the Dachshund as an emotional support dog, but now, he’s just trying to keep it together.

“He was a big part of the family, even thought he was around for two months,” Rozinski said. “Just return him back to us unharmed.”

Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,000 reward to bring Loki home. Tips can remain anonymous.

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