UPDATE: Morrison’s family speaks out regarding Sunday night

Rapid City Police are looking for 14-year-old Loyalty Morrison.
Published: Aug. 2, 2020 at 2:48 PM CDT
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*UPDATE as of 11:30 am, Aug 14

Police say Loyalty Morrison has been safely located.

*UPDATE as of 5 pm, Aug 3, 2020

Police want to talk with 14-year-old Loyalty Morrison about a shooting that took place last week.

Late Sunday afternoon, Rapid City Police and Pennington County's Special Response Team were on Cresent drive after getting an anonymous tip.

Hours later, law enforcement learned the teen wasn't there.

But a question remains, why such a reaction for just one kid?

“We wanted to exercise every bit of caution which is why it took as long as it did and we recognize that he’s a young person and that is sad for our community, but the level of violence doesn’t have an age limit to it right, a gun is a gun and it doesn’t matter how old the person is holding it if they have to use it there’s a level of violence and have to use the most caution again for the community and for our officers and deputies involved with these things,” says Captain Tony Harrison from the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office.

Loyalty just got out of a boys academy in Cheyenne Wyoming a few weeks ago before running off with his friends, eventually leading his grandma, Ruby Pederson, to report him as a runaway.

Pederson was surprised by the amount of force called Sunday night. She says she was on the scene asking the police if she could help talk Loyalty out.

The police said no because of how dangerous he allegedly was, but police learned Loyalty wasn’t even there. They had missed the teen despite the hours spent at Cresent Drive.

Pederson says the best way for this to be resolved is for the family to find Loyalty.

“We don’t want nobody to harm him or want anybody to hurt him,” said Pederson. “We just want him to come back home and deal with it from there. We don’t want the whole police force surrounding him.”

Loyalty’s family did reach out to us earlier to tell us that the teen had reached out to them. He said to tell his family that he loved them before abruptly hanging up.

*UPDATE as of 8pm, Aug 2, 2020

After police received a tip about Morrison potentially being in a house in the Star Village area, law enforcement gathered around two in the afternoon on East Signal Drive.

Police believe the juvenile inside the home is Morrison and he may be armed so law enforcement asked people to stay back and blocked roads.

Pennington County special response team was at the residence trying to convince the juvenile to come out. However, RCPD will not confirm Morrison’s role in this case yet.

Police say, on Friday one man was shot and ended up going to the hospital.

The investigation is still ongoing, and the standoff is still on going as of Sunday evening.


UPDATE: Rapid City Police and Pennington County’s Special Response Team is on Crescent Drive late Sunday afternoon after learning 14-year-old Loyalty Morrison is inside a home.

Police were searching for him to question him about his relation to a shooting Friday morning.

We will keep you updated as we learn more.

Original Story:

Rapid City Police are looking for 14-year-old Loyalty Morrison.

Police say he may be armed and if spotted to not approach him.

He is wanted for questioning for a shooting early Friday morning on Hemlock Street.

Police say one person ended up going to the hospital due to the shooting.

The investigation is ongoing but if you do spot Morrison call the police at 605-394-4131 or you can send an anonymous tip by texting the letters ‘RCPD’ and the info to 847411.

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