Is Rapid City pedestrian or bicycle-friendly? City officials seek public’s input

City officials are seeking the public's input on what they would like to see changed or added for pedestrian transportation in Rapid City.
Published: Jul. 13, 2020 at 2:30 PM CDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - Is Rapid City pedestrian or bicycle-friendly? That’s what city officials are trying to find out. To find out, they are asking for the public’s help.

An updated plan was unveiled earlier this year by the Rapid City Area Metropolitan Planning Organization. The organization looks at things like the level of traffic stress, proximity to destinations, and even population and employment density in the city - all with the goal of meeting the transportation needs through the year 2045.

There have been two previous public meetings about pedestrian transportation updates and now they’re offering a final online meeting through Thursday.

Susie Marks, the Marketing Manager for Strider Bikes in Rapid City, says she would like to see more family-friendly options in the city, along with more trails being connected.

”Rapid City right now has a lot of bike enthusiasts, but the streets aren’t bike friendly. There are no designated bike lanes, so people rely heavily on the trail system and bike path to get around on. So if we can connect those and make that part the safest part of the city, that would help everyone,” said Marks.

Marks said at Strider Bikes, many employees commute to work regularly on their bikes, but being their business is near Deadwood Avenue where there is no safe bike path or sidewalk, she said the commute can be dangerous.

If you would like to participate and provide input to the city on what you would like to see changed for pedestrian transportation in Rapid City, you can visit the projects website

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