Hail damages non-profit building on Pine Ridge Reservation

Published: Jul. 12, 2020 at 5:46 PM CDT
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A non-profit suffers an unexpected setback from the nature on Friday.

First Families Now in Porcupine is an organization assisting children and families in isolated communities throughout Pine Ridge Reservation. Alice Phelps, the director for First Families Now, says that they have just set up a multi-purpose building in Porcupine and plan to get started soon. On Friday, Phelps was giving the donors from Cool & Dope a tour of the facility when the hailstorm started -- baseball-size hail suddenly shattered the windows and flew into the building. The donors and Phelps had to seek shelter in the middle of the hallway to avoid getting hurt.

After the storm, they found their newly-created building and their vehicles outside heavily damaged. Phelps says, she has hail insurance policy, but the vehicles are likely deemed a total loss.

“As far as our building, we’re fully covered,” Phelps says. “They (The insurance adjusters) will be coming out to take a look at all of windows....It includes not just the siding and the windows, but also the roof. The roof is fully damaged. And we were hoping to open up fully by the end of this month, and now we have this slight setback, so we’re still going to work it out and get things situated.”

Phelps says she’s thankful that at least they are safe, and will try to do their best to move forward. Phelps also notes that animals seem to have an instinct; they started taking shelter a lot earlier before the hailstorm came.

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