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Light Snow
30° F
-1° C
Light Snow
Rapid City
  • Feels Like: 18° F -8° C
  • Wind: 20 mph 32 kph at North
  • Humidity: 88%
  • Dew point: 27° F -3° C
  • Barometer: 29 inches millibars and rising
  • Sunrise: 7:26 AM MST
  • Sunset: 4:19 PM MST
Last updated 8:59 AM MST on December 25, 2014

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Winter Solstice Double Rainbow

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Rapid City Airport Weather Almanac

Normal High: 36°
Normal Low: 12°
Record High: 60° in 1963
Record Low: -21° in 1983
Sunrise: 7:26 am
Sunset: 4:19 pm
Moonrise: 9:53 am
Moonset: 9:04 pm
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Weather Forecast

Eric Gardner, Good Morning KOTA Territory/Noon News Meteorologist

Eric Gardner joined the KOTA news team in December of 2002 as a morning and noon meteorologist and news anchor. After a stint as the nightside main anchor, Eric returns to sunrise as the Good Morning KOTA Territory meteorologist.

A snowy Christmas Day and Christmas Night are in store for us as a strong storm system moves east through the Rockies. Snow accumulations of 1 to 4 inches can be expected, with 4 to 8 inches in the Black Hills and far southwest South Dakota. Winds will pick up, 10 to 20 miles per hour, causing some blowing snow.

The snow will end by Friday morning, but it will remain cold. The chilly weather lasts through next week as an arctic cold front promises to bring the coldest air since November to us before the end of the year.


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