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Mostly Cloudy
68° F
20° C
Mostly Cloudy
Rapid City
  • Feels Like: 68° F 20° C
  • Wind: 22 mph 35 kph at NNW
  • Humidity: 56%
  • Dew point: 52° F 11° C
  • Barometer: 29 inches millibars and steady
  • Sunrise: 6:13 AM MDT
  • Sunset: 7:32 PM MDT
Last updated 9:52 PM MDT on August 30, 2014

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KOTA Territory Weather Snapshots 2014


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Arthur weakens to tropical storm

Hurricane Arthur landfall


Hurricane Arthur made landfall in North Carolina late on July 3, but it did not dawdle over the coastline to vandalize neighborhoods for long. By Friday morning, it had weakened to a Category 1 and was downgraded to a tropical storm on Saturday.

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Superstorm Sandy: 1 year later

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2013 hurricane names

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Look back: Superstorm Sandy wreaks havoc

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Twitter reactions to Superstorm Sandy

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Pollen in your area

Rapid City Airport Weather Almanac

Normal High: 83°
Normal Low: 53°
Record High: 102° in 1948
Record Low: 38° in 1992
Sunrise: 6:13 am
Sunset: 7:32 pm
Moonrise: 11:14 am
Moonset: 9:55 pm
Today's Moon Waxing crescent

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There are currently no severe weather alerts.

Weather Forecast

An active weather pattern is in store for KOTA Territory this weekend as a strong upper level trough and surface cold front move across the Northern Plains.

Today, southeast winds will bring in warmer, more unstable air. Scattered thunderstorms will form over Northeast Wyoming, Southeast Montana and Northwest South Dakota late this afternoon. Some could be severe with large hail and high winds. This activity will increase in area coverage tonight and move east and southeast.

Sunday will be much cooler, but with an upper level trough lingering in the area, showers and thunderstorms will still be likely.

Even Labor Day, there will be enough moisture and instability for isolated thunderstorms.

Finally, a warmer, drier pattern evolves during the middle of next week before the next trough affects KOTA Territory toward the end of the week. It is still unclear how far east into the plains this next trough will progress.


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