Inmates use tablets for legal advice

South Dakota inmates no longer have access to paid legal aides however the LexisNexis app has been installed on tablets to use instead.

Southern Barbecued Steak Tips

Eric Gardner shares an easy recipe for steak tips, Southern style!

Wednesday morning's forecast video

from meteorologist Colleen Hurley

Fish hatchery reels in results of a unique experiment

The McNenny State Fish Hatchery in Spearfish may have found a new innovative way to increase the size of trout.

Butte County meth use among juveniles

We know the use of meth is running wild, but the age of meth users may surprise you.

Rapid City voters could decide fate of Barnett Arena

It appears the Rapid City voters will decide the future of the Barnett Arena at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

10pm Tuesday KOTA Territory First Alert Weather

10pm Tuesday KOTA Territory First Alert Weather


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