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Product Information Guide

Product Information Guide

Mat, Inc. is a manufacturer of quality erosion control products for the hydraulic seeding industry.  Our family of products are designed to satisfy requirements from the most difficult mountain slope to an easy home lawn.  Use this product guide and the performance curve on the back to select the product that is right for your project. 

Soil Guard®: is a Bounded Fiber Matrix erosion control system that provides blanket-like protection with dramatic savings in time and labor.  The hydraulic application needs no special site preparations, and conforms to almost any soil surface.  Once dry, the matrix becomes water insoluble for maximum protection and effective germination.

Mat-Fiber®: is 100% wood fiber hydraulic planting mulch.  Its long fibers interlock and cling to the soil, forming a protective web-like network that holds the seeds in place.  It sprays easily for consistent coverage in one application with reliable performance.  The result is faster, uniform growth - using the least amount of material at the lowest total cost.

Mat-Fiber Plus®: is a 100% wood fiber mulch designed to give top performance in hydraulic planting equipment.  It features a high-grade organic tackifier measured, and premixed 3% by weight.  It delivers increased performance and erosion control by strongly bonding the seed, fiber, and soil together.  The tackifier also lubricates the slurry for improved pumpability and easy application.

Mat-Blend 50/50®: combines the economy of clean recycled newsprint with the powerful performance of Mat-Fiber.  The result is an outstanding mulch for a wide range of applications.  It is vastly superior to straight paper mulch.  The blend makes an unbeatable value/performance ratio.

Mat-Blend 50/50 Plus®: is a special blend of wood fiber and recycled newsprint, plus a high quality tackifier.  It is premixed so it is easier, safer, and more effective to use.  Tests show that remixed fiber and tackifier combinations are 20-30% more effective than when mixed in the field.

Ameri-Fibers®: is a new technology to the hydraulic seeding industry.  It is made from 100% corn stover fibers.  This deep green mulch creates a protective mat on the soil with structural integrity, excellent water holding capabilities, and outstanding carbon to nitrogen ratio.  It also hydrates quickly to reduce mixing time.  Better performance means better germination for a lawn that turns greener and faster naturally. 

Ameri-Fibers Plus®: has all the great qualities of Ameri-Fibers, but has the benefit of having a high quality tackifier added.  Increased holding power means better performance with fewer washouts and call backs, saving you both time and money.  Once you try it, you may never go back to mixing your own tackifier.  It is carefully premixed.  So you can use it with confidence.

Super Track®: is a new tackifying formulation that provides easy mixing without lumping, while yielding the fastest viscosity vs. time available.  Fast viscosity buildup and concentrated bonding assures that the network of fiber, adhesive, and seed will bond into a soil holding matrix anchoring the mulch and preventing soil erosion.

Grass-Mat®: is an erosion control blanket made from a blend of clean Aspen or Birch wood fibers and corn stover. It is reinforced with photo-degradable Rayon netting.  They are designed for the vegetation of soils on slopes and flat area.  Manufactured to a width of five feet, the mats can be custom made to any length.  Super absorbent and/or biodegradable, Polypropylene netting can also be added to meet all your job requirements.

Product performance curve

These product performance curves are based on field applications of Matt products by dedicated and performance minded applicators.  Count on our family of products when consistent quality and reliability are demanded.

To determine Application rate

Based on rates in pounds per acre

  1. Multiple total square feet to be covered by desired mulch rate in lbs/acre
  2. Divide the answer to A by 43,560 (sq. ft. in 1 acre)
  3. Divide B by the number of lbs/bag = number of bags
  • Site planning
  • Rain Bird sprinkler systems
  • Plantings
    • Trees (Up to 15 feet)
    • Shrubs
    • Perennials
  • Water Features
  • Retaining Walls
  • Lawn Area
  • Mulch of all Kinds
  • Patio Pavers & Brick Walks
  • Nightscaping - lighting design
  • Topsoil
  • Boulders

Four Reasons you'll enjoy having a Rain Bird Automatic Sprinkler System

  1. You'll save time. Your system will do all the watering for you.
  2. You'll save water.  An automatic system actually uses less water than doing it by hand
  3. You'll save money.  Your water bills will be lower and your plants will live longer and healthier.
  4. You'll rest easy.  The Rain Bird name is your assurance of quality, value, and performance

Toll free 800-734-5119

We will measure your lawn and tell you the exact cost of our 4-step Pro Lawn service.  We think you'll find the cost surprisingly low.  Our guarantee is simple: "We are not happy until you are."

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