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Kitchen Drains - Prevent clogged  kitchen sink drains by never putting grease, oil, coffee grounds or flour down your drain. Grease and oil will congeal in your pipes causing everything else to stick to it and plug it up.  Flour will turn to cement in a drain.  Run hot water down your drains weekly to keep them cleaned out.   If you get a plugged drain, use a clean plunger; hold a solid plug in one side of the sink and plunge the other. We here to help you - your Action Mechanical Plumber.

"call the plumber"

Bathtub Drains- Prevent a call to the plumber for a slow draining bathtub.  The culprit is usually hair in the drain right below where you can see.  Use your fingernail, a crochet hook, etc. to grab hold of the hair.  It sticks together so you only need to get hold of some of it.  Pull it up out of the drain.  This can be over a foot long and an inch thick of hair.  It is gross so you will want a garbage can close by. We here to help you - your Action Mechanical Plumber.

Toilets - Prevent plugged toilet by never flushing diapers, tampons, pads, or cloth of any kind.  If you get a plugged toilet, use a large plunger. Place the plunger over the lower opening in the toilet. Press down firmly and plunge up and down repeatedly with out pulling the plunger out of the base of the toilet. This creates a suction that loosens the plug.  If you pull up too high, it will not have the suction necessary to displace the problem. We here to help you - your Action Mechanical Plumber.

Bathroom Sinks - Prevent clogged bathroom sinks by cleaning hair out of the sink and disposing in the trash instead of flushing it.  If something falls down the sink that should not go down it, you can take the trap out under the sink and clean it out.  Put a bucket under the trap, loosen the round fasteners on the pipe and take out the trap.  Dump it into the trash can and retrieve your article.  You can also clean out a plugged sink this way.  If you are overwhelmed by this, call a plumber.  Do not run any water down the sink until the plumber has fixed the problem. We here to help you - your Action Mechanical Plumber.

Basement Drains - Prevent floods in your basement by never planting trees over sewer pipes if you have old cast sewer pipes. The roots grow into the pipes and block them. All of the above problems will cause your basement to flood.  If you have a basement flood, do not use any water anywhere in the house.   Call a plumber!!!!  We here to help you - your Action Mechanical Plumber.

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