Marijuana Wax: The new way to get high- KOTA News EXTRA - KOTA Territory News

Marijuana Wax: The new way to get high- KOTA News EXTRA


It's the latest Cannabis craze, a concentrated form of marijuana known as "wax".  People who use it say it's the most powerful form of weed on the market.

It seems with each passing month, the popularity and controversy of marijuana (and its products) grows. But a new phenomenon called "wax smoking" has some pot supporters and opponents on the same side.  From the law enforcement perspective, every drug is bad.

But troopers say this rage has a lot of unknowns.

South Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper Zac Bader and his drug dog Robbie are becoming all too familiar with marijuana wax.  "Marijuana wax just became more common in just the last year or two," Trooper Bader said.

Last week, the pair, Bader and Robbie, took 53 grams of it off the streets.  "It's called wax for a reason," Bader said.  "It looks just like the ear wax that's in your ears," He continued.
Some reports show that 'wax' is more than 80 percent pure THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.  Compare that with the average marijuana leaf with 20 to 30 percent THC.  "People are hallucinating while taking the marijuana wax," Bader said.  Sometimes the outcome is even worse.  "The news stories report students are being taken to psychiatric hospitals because of this, young people are overdosing, dying because of marijuana wax," Lifeways Counselor David Herrick said.  If that's not bad enough, it's also extremely dangerous to make.

Herrick says students in KOTA Territory have reported using it.  "That's scary, that's really scary because we don't know what that could do," Herrick said.
Trooper Bader says oftentimes, by the time counselors and law enforcement are aware of it, it's already a hit in the drug world.  "You're always one step behind in law enforcement; you're always trying to figure out what that next big thing is going to be," Bader said.
Now that they know, it's up to counselors, parents and law enforcement to get the word out.  "This stuff is out there and it's dangerous," Bader said.

Marijuana wax is made with aerosol butane and the resin of the leaves and the buds of female plants.
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