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KOTA News Extra: New Vinyl - P. S. I Love You


They're the top selling band in the United States, beating out artists like Elvis and Michael Jackson. 

Fifty years ago, The Beatles went live on The Ed Sullivan Show and 'Beatlemania' swept across the United States. "You were so caught up in the moment you don't even know what they were doing," said Monte Madison, member of The Beatles cover band 'Abbey Road.' "People were screaming in the background, it was really electrifying."

Madison was only eight years old that night. "It changed my life," said Madison. "I never thought I'd be a musician."

According to data from The Ed Sullivan Show, 73 million people tuned in to watch; a huge TV feat. So what was it about the moppy-hair British boys? "I think they started something completely new with their music. Chords that I had not heard anywhere," said Madison.

"The times were different,"said Tony Johnson, Abbey Road drummer. "John F. Kennedy had just died and the country was depressed and these Beatles come out of no where with their songs of love and hope; I just think everybody fell in love with them right off the bat," said Johnson. 

Johnson says Beatles music was, and still is, simply the best. "The music is timeless. It's just good and it will always be good music," said Johnson. "100 years from now it will be the best rock and' roll music played."

"Beatles are a staple that will always sell," said Andrew Zens, manager of Ernie November. In the age of music downloading, Ernie November offers customers a chance to buy vinyl records. "Records are kinda the Cadillac of music media," said Zens. 

And they're making a comeback. 

According to Nielson statistics, vinyl record sales increased more than 30% in 2013. "Record buyers like the experience of digging through crates of records just trying to that lost gem," said Zens.

"I'm still looking for a mono mix of something like Sergeant Peppers because I think that would be cool," said Mark Theissen, Abbey Road singer. "They swear it's better."

Theissen says there's a certain romance to vinyl. "And the artwork - cover work - looks better on an LP," said Theissen. 

Whether sticking a record on a turn-table, or downloading a song online, Beatles fans say the music will be listened to forever. "The popularity just doesn't seem to fade," said Theissen.

"That's the universal band of all-time," said Madison. "Everybody is a Beatles fan." 

Around six million vinyl records were sold in 2013. Compare that to 4.5 million in 2012 and fewer than 1 million in 2005 and 2006. 



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