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Children First: Spring Allergies


Millions of people suffer from allergies every Spring, including many children.

But the recent snowfall in KOTA Territory means bushes, trees, and other plants are not pollinating, which means you may not hear your child sneezing, at least from allergies.

Once the snow melts, allergy medicines such as antihistamines and nasal decongestants will become popular items at the convenience store. 

Popular allergies this time of the year include cedar, cottonwood, and elm.

If your child's allergy symptoms worsen, specialist recommend seeing a doctor before they get even more severe.    

"If you have swelling in the wind pipe then the flam has trouble moving and then you can get bronchitis and if it's very bad pneumonia," said Allergy Specialist Gerti Janss, M.D. "So bronchitis and pneumonia can be caused as complications of the allergies.

To help reduce symptoms of allergies decrease the use of medications, keep your child indoors in the evenings because pollen levels are highest during that time of the day.

Other tips include keeping windows closed on windy days, having your children take a shower or change their clothes after spending time outside, and dry cloths indoors as opposed to hanging them on a clothesline.

If your child requires medicine to help alleviate allergy symptoms, make sure it is the right kind for their height and weight.

Some common medications include nasal decongestants, antihistamines, and nasal corticosteriods.

Janss says pollens to expect in May include grass and pine, followed by sage and ragweed in July and August. 

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