History was made in Wyoming as a Sheridan woman bought the first Mega Millions ticket during the Wyoming Lottery launch.

Mary Ogg, of Sheridan a 67- year old grandmother is the first person to buy a lottery ticket in Wyoming.

Ogg is the grand prize winner of a promotional contest for the Wyoming Lottery. Over 27,000 people in Wyoming entered the contest. She won a new car and a year's worth of Mega Million tickets. Another privilege of the winner is to choose the launch site. Ogg chose the holiday gas station for a kickoff celebration party.

To the Wyoming Lottery CEO Jon Clontz the lottery is more than just playing a game, it's also a way to bring money into the state.

“I think it goes back to community oriented things. Back to local government and back to education. Regardless of how you feel about the lottery, I think they're good causes and I'm looking forward to seeing the impact," said Clontz.

Now that the first ticket is sold, ticket retailers around Wyoming have started selling Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.