DAYTON, Wyo. -

Multiple semi-truck rollover crashes on US-14 has WYDOT concerned about the safety of truckers passing through the Big Horn Mountains.

Another semi-truck rollover accident on US- 14 near Dayton, Wyoming has WYDOT worried. This is the 7th accident that has happened this year, over double the amount of accidents that occurred over the past 10 years.

All 7 of the accidents occurred at Sand Turn, a narrow road in the Big Horns.
WYDOT suspects that the drivers are not from Wyoming and don’t know how to drive down the steep roads while carrying heavy loads.

District traffic engineer James A. Evenson says putting up warning signs may not be enough to stop the accidents.

“We’ve engaged on a study to see if we can get a place to put an emergency truck runaway ramp. Right now on the east side of the mountain, there is no emergency truck ramp. If a trucker gets in trouble he has nowhere to go,” said Evenson.

Evenson says it may take a while to find a good location for the runaway ramp but in the meantime, truckers should gear down when approaching the turn.