It’s almost been a week since the Wyoming Lottery launched and a Sheridan lottery retailer says business is good.

The Wyoming Lottery launched Aug. 24 when Mary Ogg a 67-year-old grandmother bought her first ticket at the Holiday Store in Sheridan.

The first day of sales brought in almost $200,000 in Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.

There are about 400 ticket retailers across the state and Natrona County had the most sales with $36,450. The lottery is expected to bring in $6 million a year for after expenses and prizes.

Holiday Store General Manager Jon Gray says ticket sales have been good.

“They’re excited about the lottery itself as a whole. They don’t have to go out of state for it and they can participate. All different age groups are getting involved and it’s bringing much needed excitement and energy to the business that was needed,” said Gray.

The first $6 million of proceeds are required by law to be distributed to some cities, and any extra earnings will be put into Wyoming’s Permanent Land Fund’s Common School account.