Labor Day weekend traffic has Wyoming Highway Patrol concerned about motorists going over the speed limit.

The speed limit on certain sections of rural interstate highway in Wyoming was changed from 75 to 80 mph in July.

Highway troopers have reported that many motorists are going faster than the posted limit and are increasing the risk of being ticketed or seriously injured.

This weekend, troopers will look for dangerous vehicle activity such as drunk driving and will focus on reinforcing the speed limit. Since many people will use I-90 to get back and forth to Sheridan.

Highway Patrol Capt. Carl Clements say the goal for the holiday weekend is to keep everyone safe on the roads.

“Like any other holiday weekend, we’ll have extra enforcement out particularly to enforce the new speed limit laws to make sure we’re not getting those high flagrant violations of the spend limit. We’ll also be looking out for the ever- present drunk driver. We’ll have extra enforcement for that also,” said Clements.

Any passenger vehicle that goes over the speed limit faces a fine of up to $240.