WALL, S.D. -

Fire crews worked all day to put out a fire that started earlier Saturday afternoon in Wall.

The family was about to leave for Heron's County Fair when they heard crackling in their garage and realized a fire had broken out. They had just a few minutes to gather some things and call 911.

Fire crews from Wall responded quickly and called on the help of Rapid City, Rapid Valley and Box Elder to contain the fire.

Wall Fire Chief Jim Kitterman says a big concern for them was all the flammable products in their garage where the fire is believed to begin. "The flammables, the gas, the propane that was in there, other items in the garage but it had spread to the house, the house was fully engulfed when we got here," Kitterman said.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

The family will be staying nearby with relatives until they can figure something out, but they say they are thankful that no one was hurt.