Police now say the shooting suspect was not in the Le Blanc Street home. We will have more details later today and in our 10 p.m. KOTA Territory newscast.


Officers are using a megaphone to ask two suspects inside the home on Le Blanc to come out with their hands up and no weapons.


Police say a male suspect from the earlier shooting is inside 908 Le Blanc Drive in Rapid City. He may have a gun. 

Original Story:

Details are still being worked out but police have said they are involved in an ongoing incident involving a shooting at a motel and a tactical unit response in Lakota Homes.

The Rapid City/Pennington County Special Response Team has been called out to an address on Le Blanc Street in Lakota Homes late this morning.

Earlier in the day, police responded to a shooting at the Colonial Motel, which led them to the home on Teton Drive.

Police says they will release more information by 1 p.m.