The trial is postponed for a man accused of assaulting his ex–girlfriend and kidnapping their two daughters.

Instead of next week as scheduled, a jury will decide the fate of 27-year-old Skye Burnham–Endicott beginning Sept. 23.

Pennington County Deputy State's Attorney, Josh Hendrickson asked for the continuance because two expert witnesses were unavailable. Hendrickson said the experts in fingerprint and DNA evidence are needed to corroborate the testimony of the victim in this case, who was allegedly stabbed.

Endicott's attorney, Tom Diggins said the delay was unfair to his client who has been in jail since February. He also said it was unnecessary because the defendant lived in the home, so obviously his fingerprints would be on the knives in the home that he shared with the victim.

Judge Janine Kern decided that the expert witnesses are material to the case.
She granted the continuance based on case law.

Another hearing is set for next week in order for Judge Kern to rule on other motions and evidence before trial.

Endicott was taken into custody after authorities say he stabbed and beat his girlfriend then took their 1–year–old and 1–month–old girls. Authorities issued an Amber Alert before finding the children unharmed a short time later.

Endicott faces life in prison if convicted.