With a high demand of teachers in the Midwest, educators are getting more options of where they teach and better salaries than in Rapid City.

This year the Rapid City school district was able to fill all of their positions but
they are continuing to look at ways to attract more job candidates like finding additional revenue sources for teacher salaries and adjusting base pay and benefits packages.

Some schools in Wyoming, Nebraska and North Dakota offer anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 more than what's paid at Rapid City schools

This is a concern of Rapid City School's Superintendent Dr. Tim Mitchell. "We've struggled to have enough revenue to really create a salary policy here in Rapid City over the last couple of years," Mitchell said. "We've chronicled some data that shows we're not as competitive as we used to be."

There will be a legislative meeting in October. Mitchell and the school board will be discussing teacher salary funding with law makers.