It started with a social media news tip and then a phone call, someone said there were a number of police officers in the Lakota Homes neighborhood. On the scene was Rapid City's Special Response team, police officers and state troopers.

Captain James Johns of the Rapid City Police Department says their search for a shooting suspect led them to Le Blanc Drive in the Lakota Homes Community. "Approximately 9:10 in the morning there was a report of shots fired, at the Colonial Motel on E. North Street,” Johns said. "The investigation into the incident led officers to an address on Le Blanc."

A witness who wishes to remain anonymous says the suspect did go to the house earlier in the day, but he is not sure why or for how long. "I was going to my grandmother's house and I grabbed my skateboard and there was an officer, he told me to put my hands up and turn around," the witness said.

 Officers were on high alert since they got to the scene. They were on the look-out for an armed suspect. "Due to the nature of the call, due to the nature of the entire situation the Special Response Team was called out," Johns said.

And the Special Response Team was in full tactical gear, bullet proof vests, helmets and guns.

Later in the day, as rain began to pour, the Special Response Team began closing in the on the house. People who live in the neighborhood, looked and listened as officers continued to call out for Evan Brownbull, the 28 year old man suspected in the shooting at the Colonial Motel Sunday morning.

"I heard two bangs, there was two bangs I'm guessing that's when they breached the door," the witness said.

Officers entered the home and he was not there. "After that the house was cleared they didn't find anyone,” the witness said.

Brownbull has two active warrants; one for aggravated eluding DUI, and reckless discharge or possession of a firearm while intoxicated. And a second warrant for failure to comply with a sentence.

Police are still looking for him and they say they believe he is armed.