The city council approved Rapid City's 2015 budget Monday night.

Mayor Sam Kooiker's budget proposal totaled almost $149 million which was down from last year's budget by nearly 5 million dollars but the council cut it even further, settling on a $147.2 million for city services and needs. Fifty million dollars of that goes in the General Fund, while $2 million from the savings will balance the 2015 budget.

The city council voted against raising property taxes. instead, they are counting on sales tax revenue and continued city growth.

Pauline Sumption, Rapid City's finance officer, says she supports the council decision to balance the budget with reserves but says it's not easy to make that money back. "it's one-time money that's once spent is not replenished unless there's a mechanism to build that back up," Sumption said. 

The council voted unamimously to approve the budget. They also agreed to give the police department $100,000 for new vehicles. But they rejected spending $25,000 to repair headstones at Mountain View Cemetery. Council President Jerry Wright was alone in opposing that decision.