Some people from the Lakota Homes Community say they're upset because a shooting suspect in their neighborhood over the weekend, a Native American man, had the police out in full force with helmets, bullet proof vests and guns.

As we continue coverage on the police standoff in the Lakota Homes, viewers flooded our Facebook page with claims of racism.

Le Blanc Street in the Lakota Homes neighborhood was quiet Tuesday, but Sunday was a different story. Streets were blocked off and about 30 officers were on the scene looking for a shooting suspect.

People were told to stay in their homes and movement in and out of the neighborhood was limited.

Some who were in the area at the time of the stand-off says they appreciated the police presence. But others say all the negative attention reflects badly on the community, and the high volume of police activity criminalizes the Lakota community.

Pearl Lion, who lives in the Lakota Homes neighborhood, says she was happy the police came to help protect her neighborhood. “They are welcome here anytime, anytime there's a problem. They are here to protect us. This is what the community is about, safety for our children and just for anyone out there,” Lion said.

Erik Bringswhite, who grew up in Lakota Homes, says essentially it kind of criminalized and vilified their community, the side of town that which Native Americans make their homes. “ I have the most respect for law enforcement we want to praise them, they are heroes and all you know, but we are not the opposition,” Bringswhite said.

Law enforcement officers say that their main concern is public safety and they did what they thought was necessary in this situation.

Jay Evenson, the commander of the Special Response Team, says the suspect had felony warrants on him and they did not want to take any chances. “I don’t think we over-reacted. We weigh each situation that we are faced with and then weigh the appropriate amount of resources, that we are going to need to handle the situation safely,” Evenson explained.

The search continues for 28-year-old Evan Brown Bull and police are asking anyone with information to call 394-4131.