Last year’s blizzard in October was the second biggest snowstorm to hit Rapid City...and the biggest blizzard in the month of October, dumping over 23 inches of snow on the city. Now that the fall season is kicking into gear, are people beginning to think ahead to winter?

Winter doesn't officially start until Dec. 21, but many people were caught off guard last year when the huge blizzard hit the Black Hills in October. The powerful storm knocked down trees and power lines, leaving some without power for days. So are homeowners preparing earlier this year for winter?

Dick Person, of Rapid City, said his house is ready.

"This year we put on a new roof and vinyl siding,” Person said. “We put in all new windows. So the house is tight."

Stuart and Mary Kellogg were trimming trees around their Rapid City house so they won't be a problem this year when the snow arrives.

"Heavy, wet snow can cause problems for trees,” Stuart Kellogg said. “If the trees have no leaves, their branches can usually take it. But with the leaves on there, it just collects and collects snow."

Person said people aren't worried too much about winter yet. However, he thinks people will be better prepared if a blizzard hits this year.

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