Labor Day weekend is a time for family gatherings, going out with friends and plenty of celebration and with that often comes drinking. The South Dakota Highway Patrol is out in full force this weekend trying to prevent drinking and driving.

Sergean Jeff Twite, of the South Dakota Highway Patrol, says they will be out all weekend looking for drunk drivers. "We're trying to deter drinking and driving," Sergeant Jeff Twite. "We try to have the least amount of impact on the motoring public as possible."

And without holding the drivers up too much at a check point officers conduct sobriety tests."When a car approaches a check point we visit with the driver and we greet them," Twite said.

Twite says when they choose a location to set up a check point they look for places where there has been alcohol related arrests such as DUI's, open containers and accidents.

Wherever these DUI check points pop up along the highway, some drivers don't mind taking the time to go through them. "It's good that they are out here keeping the roads safe, somebody can come through drinking and driving and kill somebody," James Ash, a driver, said.

And preventing accidents, injuries or death is why troopers are out. "Well maybe if they think well the Highway Patrol the Sheriffs out there with a sobriety check point and if they decide not to drink and drive then we've done our job."

Many of the alcohol related incidents that the Highway Patrol deals with during holiday weekends is on Interstate 90 through Rapid City and Box Elder.