Lacey Dyer of Rapid City went through four baby sitters before finally finding Banana Bunch in Rapid City. Lacey, a single mother, was in search of someone to provide stable care for her young child.

"You just gotta find someone that's dependable and not going to cancel on you at the last minute ." said Lacey, "I was told before I came here that God gave you a gut instinct a motherly instinct for a reason and you need to trust it."

Lacey came to Rapid City from Brookings after completing college and now is working on becoming a dental hygienist. After finding unreliable help, she eventually met Pam Ramp, the director at Banana Bunch Daycare in Rapid City.

Ramp, who has been at Banana Bunch for the past 20 years feels parents are in such a pinch sometimes that they often forget or perhaps don't know the proper questions to ask providers or sitters for that matter.

Pam says a few of those questions to ask are, "What are they eating? Are the eating the same thing every day? Is it peanut butter and jelly sandwich or mac and cheese?"

Pam also reminds parent to be aware of how are your children react when you drop them off and pick them up. She says, "Separation anxiety is normal but is it beyond the norm? Is there something? What are the children doing when you drop them off and pick them up? Are you welcome in the home or the facility at any time?"

Knowing what to look for and what questions to ask can save parents from going through numerous sitters, nanny's and daycare facilities. Finding reliable help adds to piece of mind for the parents as well as less stress of both the parents and the children.