Girls have a new hero to look up to ... and she may change the face of youth sports forever.

As schools across the nation try to fight childhood obesity, physical education and sports programs have increased – as well as education in the classroom.

PE teachers at Southwest Middle School in Rapid City say the participation in girls' sports is constantly growing–and there may be a young woman to thank.

13–year–old pitcher Mo'ne Davis took the world by storm last month in the Little League World Series. She also inspired more young girls to participate in athletics.

Volleyball coach Katelyn Anderson believes Davis will help young girls overcome the initial struggle of joining a team.

"I think her being a part of a male sport where it is, it's mostly boys, she's really putting her foot down and saying, 'you know what, I am strong and competitive, I have great skill, and I want to participate,'" Anderson said. "So I think her just being able to do that is going to give girls the confidence and ability to try new things."

Davis has been such an inspiration that she was invited to throw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium this week, and even challenged Dodger ace Clayton Kershaw to a pitch–off.